FeatherBrite 20watt Full Spectrum Bulb

FeatherBrite 20watt Full Spectrum Bulb


Our new and improved FeatherBrite 20w, compact, spiral fluorescent bulb is 5500k, 91 CRI, UVA 5%, UVB .04%. It's the perfect output for all birds.

Our bulb provides health enhancing full spectrum light required for caged birds without the heat.

We believe this is the best bulb for the birds. Many health benefits including enhancing Vitamin D synthesis. Your pet bird will love this! Great for African Greys, Amazons, Lovebirds, Conures, Finches, all types of parrots and birds!

Our bulb will provide "full-spectrum" benefits up to 36" from your pet bird and it needs no "burn-in" time. The FeatherBrite bulb will be a few degrees warmer under the bulb, 80 degrees and the birds just love the bask under this bulb.

We recommend replacing this bulb annually because the benefits of full spectrum (the uv's) dissipate over time.

The fluorescent bulb has a standard screw-in base and can be used in any lamp that has a standard socket. Do not use this bulb in any type of dimmer switch. It is not dimmable.

This bulb is also great for indoor plants and seedlings. It is a great bulb for task lighting.

1 year warranty from date of purchase.